Evan Scott – dprsn

This song was written by Tanya and produced by me.

In the beginning, we decided to move to 2step future garage style. I’ve made a first version of the song, but at that moment Tanya suggested that song miss dynamics and mood. So we decided to move with completely another style.

I found an inspiration on Phill Collins songs as Another Day on Paradise and In the Air. Then I found another inspiration on Queen’s – You Don’t Fool Me and Mother Love.

When I was working on the final part of the song, I’ve decided to listen to some 90s song to edit Tanya’s vocals. I’ve got an inspiration on Madonna’s – You’ll see and Frozen. Those songs by Madonna are brilliant, it’s something that is missing on all modern song. They have good composition and production.

Also, I’ve got inspired by old song of Dolphin and band Duboviy Guy to listen how they were working with guitars.

So this is how we made dprsn.

You can listen to Evan Scott – dprsn here https://band.link/fBM4n

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