Evan Scott – Insomnia (after)

Evan Scott – Insomnia (after) is the new version of our old tracks.

After releasing our previous track, Tanya suggested making an acoustic version of the track Insomnia. I’ve decided to make exactly this version of the track after I’ve listened to Raised by Swans and several Spotify playlists.

It was interesting to reconstruct the harmony of your own old song.

Tanya also had recorded a new version of vocals. We had several takes – from more melodic to colder. The song began to sounds as we wanted when we added double track to vocals. So we realized that double tracks are adding some dramatic moments to the song. So basically vocals became the most solid part of the song and all other music just added an atmosphere to it.

As the result – we made an indie-pop version of our electronic track.

I think this track will be interesting to people who used to listen to indie rock on early 2000s and had lost in modern music.

By the way – the sound of the train – was recorded by Tanya in real train in Luhansk. It’s basically the one train that it still working in Luhansk after the war began.

You can listen to Insomnia (after) here https://band.link/5BFLS

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