Ivan Kosov

Indie Pop music producer 🎸 

What is indie pop?

If you’ve heard Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo, RY X – you know what indie pop is.

Indie pop has an original sound which is different from the usual pop music.

Modern indie pop has a lot of space, multiple vocal layers, and live instruments.

Music Marketing

It’s really important for me that your song will be heard. That’s why I care about music marketing of my artists.

When we start working, you will get 2 free music marketing sessions.

We will check your strategy and make a plan for your release.

Also, I run a music marketing blog, where you can read about:

My approach

You can send me a demo form any part of the world:


My clients: Keterina Pavlenko (Monokate, Go_A), Evan Scott, Anita Halagan

My song were published on:

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Russian Shuffle (media)

Rodnoy Zvuk (media)
Radio Aristocrats

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