Show4Me – social network for musicians and their fans. My experience

Hi everyone. I started this blog 3 years ago. During this time I’ve seen a lot of new music startups – blockchain streaming, NFT, Tinder for musicians.

Some of these services could grow up and become big. Others are still working on demo mode.

And today I’m going to review Show4Me.

Show4Me is a social network for artists and fans. If you ever thought about Facebook for musicians here it is.

First time I noticed this service on 2019. At that time the main focus of this service was crowdfunding for shows and recordings.

On 2022 the service has another goal – selling music and tickets.

About the service

According to Crunchbase, Show4Me rose 28,4m USD: 13,4m on 2019 and 15m on 2021. It was founded by Karen Chiftalaryan who used to live in Ukraine. Companie’s headquarter is located in London.

My Experience

I’ve tested Show4Me for one week. During that time I’ve created both Artist and Fan accounts. I uploaded my tracks, applied for the promo campaign, and discovered a few new artists.

What I liked

I really enjoyed the user interface. Show4Me looks like an alternative user-friendly version of Facebook. So the new user will understand it really quickly.

Another thing which was really cool is the way of uploading your tracks. All steps were made much friendlier than Distorkid or Soundrop.

I’ve missed a few features such as bookmarks for posts, likes on comments, and reposts in artist profiles. But these features might be added when the service will release a new version.

What I didn’t like

As an artist, I wish that my music will get a new audience. Services such as Instagram and Youtube have algorithmic recommendations for this.

But I haven’t noticed anything like this on Show4Me. So fans could find new artists mostly in the Discovery section.

Show4Me recommends that artists should promote their profiles on social. But I don’t see many benefits for the new artist for doing that. Because they already connected with their audience on big social networks.

Why artist might like it

Show4Me has 2 features that could cover artist needs in money. It’s paid subscriptions and ticket distribution.

Having these features in one service might be a convenient way to manage this. Especially for new artists who don’t have a manager on their team.

But currently, subscriptions are only available for the year. So if you would like to encourage your fans to support you, services like Patreon and Ko-Fi look like a better alternative.


I think that Show4Me is worth giving a try. At least you can get an experience of the social network without ads and influencers.
And if you are an artist you might use it as a helpful tool for selling tickets and getting paid supporters.

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